Monday, September 21, 2009

Exhausting Night!

Yesterday was a GREAT day considering Ryan had duty so he was unable to come home at all until today. Talon was great for mommy. Not many fussy fits, played and laughed with me most of the day, went down for naps easily, even went down for the night easier than usual at 9:30pm. The thing is... Ever since we have been giving him Zantac, he has been sleeping long stretches at night - usually going a good 5 or 6 hours, then waking up for 30mins to eat (an hour max) and then going back to bed for another 2 to 3 hours, up for 1 more, then another nap for an hour. Last night was DIFFERENT and I had 0 help as I usually have Ryan here to rotate with me or at least take one of the feedings so I can pump. Talon slept from 9:30pm til 2am - I was an idiot and went to sleep at 11pm instead of 9:30pm like I should have. He was awake from 2 til 3:30am then went back to sleep... til 4:30am! Took me 45 mins to get him back to sleep after feeding him (yes he was hungry AGAIN)and he woke up again around 7am. This was very unlike him and made for a very groggy mommy come 7am when he was ready to start the day!

Could it have been a growth spurt at 2 months old? I dunno, he wasn't extremely cranky - just HUNGRY - from 2am til now (3pm) he's downed a total of almost 20 oz and we still have 7 hours approximately til he goes to bed for the night! He's definitely going to hit the 30 oz mark today or exceed it.

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