Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Flower Preserve

Yesterday Ryan and I took Talon to the park. There were far too many kids on the playground so we went to the other side and noticed it was a beautiful flower preserve. I decided that I haven't been in enough pictures with my son since he was born because I've been insecure about my weight but he needs memorable photos of this age with me so we took some shots with the flowers. I have to give him props - usually Talon HATES his carseat and while it didn't last the whole trip he was at least amiable to it the entire way there. It was to the point that I figured he fell asleep and I was going to have to wake a sleeping baby for pictures... I was wrong. We pulled into our parking space, got out of the car, I looked in the window in the backseat and he's just glancing up at me smiling. It was amazing. Here are some of the pictures we took.

We almost lost a shoe because Ryan wasn't very observant when he was taking pictures lol. We didn't notice the shoe missing until we looked at the pictures when Ryan took Tal out of the moby to take some shots with the two of them together. We had to backtrack to find it but we found it! The shoe has been saved!

On the way home Talon decided to go from amiable with the carseat to kill on sight! Oh my goodness, you'd think we were stabbing him the way he was screaming. We ended up having to pull into a parking lot and park so I could get out and hold him for a few minutes before putting him back in the seat. He was much better after that, I don't know if he thought we'd abandoned him or if he was uncomfortable the way he was in the seat, or if he was just being Talon the Terror. All was fixed though and he was better until we got home. He was REALLY tired by that time but every time he'd doze off, we'd put him in his crib and he'd be up 10 minutes later. At about 9pm, Ryan and I decided to give him his colic calm dose and take a shower with him. Showering with a baby was actually easier than bathing him in his tub! He doesn't like his tub at all so he's squirmy squirm squirm but in my arms chest to chest with his back to the stream of water, he LOVED it. I think we found a new routine calming method.

After the shower he ate and fell asleep, was around 10pm. It is now 10am and he has only woken up once (at 5:30am) for his zantac dose and feeding. He was up for an hour fussing until I realized he wasn't getting much of his milk out of the bottle although he was sucking alot so I bit the hole in the nipple bigger and voila - he chugged it down, burped, and fell right back asleep at 6:45am. If only I'd have thought about biting a bigger hole 30 minutes earlier. He's still sleeping! :) He should be well rested for our day of football games.

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  1. very cute, i love the one behind the rock, it is super cute!!