Friday, September 18, 2009

We went exploring!

Talon and I were really excited that daddy was home early today! That's always a nice surprise. They played for a bit and then Tal got sleepy so Ryan laid him in his crib and he laid in bed and they both napped for quite a bit til Talon's zantac dose wore off mid nap - his dose has been wearing off about an hour early each dose now, I think he may be outgrowing it so we'll speak with the pediatrician about that next visit. I gave him his dose but he was already in so much pain that he wouldn't eat and he couldn't stop crying so I strapped on the moby and put him in it in the joey tie and we went on a hike!

Our apartment complex is bordered on one side by one of those electric fence highways? We didn't have them in Florida that I can remember but they're all over the place up here. Like this but with more foliage and tall grass instead of cactii and desert lol.

I've never went past the 2 poles that border our apartment complex but today we hiked a long trail that people have made with 4-wheelers. Twas about a mile long so 2 miles round trip! It was beautiful - all the wild flowers were in bloom. I didn't bring my camera with me but I will next time! The dogs had a blast and so did Talon - I think we'll make it a daily ritual. After our hike we fed the geese and ducks that hang out in the pond right outside our back door and then we asked Ryan if he'd like to come hike with us some more since it was so nice out and he agreed... we didn't make it too far before Talon passed out in the moby though so we headed home and put Talon down for the rest of his nap that his reflux had so rudely interrupted.

When he woke up we played a bit on his mat and tried out his new jumperoo which is a bit too tall for him yet so we'll have to wait a while before we give that another shot. Then Ryan strapped on the moby and fed Talon while he played his computer game lol. I had to share the pic - not only women can wear their babies! :)

That was our day in a nutshell. Hope to get some good hike pictures tomorrow!

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